McCutcheon Construction Wins Again!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of announcing that this kitchen remodel, which I shot over a year ago for McCutcheon Construction, had won 5th place in the CaesarStone Kitchen Design contest, and was subsequently featured in Women’s Day Kitchen & Bath.

Today, I’m happy to boast that this project has won Grand Prize in the Bay Area Remmies! In addition to Grand Prize, it also took First Prize for Residential Interior (over $100,000).

Jan McCutcheon holds the plaque!

Best part: Feedback from the judges specifically mentioned that the photography was part of what they liked about the project…, shucks, folks! (scuffs feet)

I’m told that we’re now off to the Nationals……judging is in April 2011, I’ll update then!

Here’s a few more from that project. Congrat’s to Mike, Jan, and the team at McCutcheon!

8 responses to “McCutcheon Construction Wins Again!

  1. Congratulations Scott, not at all surprised you were involved the grand award though. Wow what a year you have had, it s hard to keep up with all your successes and mileage. Wishing you equal successes in 20011. By the way what’s that saying, “behind every successful man is a great woman” A good team

  2. That’s what I keep trying to tell him.

    Wait… you meant me and not the McCutcheon team, right?

  3. Malia, Ha yes, of course, I was referring to your magnificent influence. Hope your well. The best for the coming year. Tricky to top 2010?

  4. Thanks for including us, Scott. No doubt your photos were what put us “over the top”. Great job!!!


  5. Great shots. Beautiful construction. Glad I found your blog, you have some amazing work.

  6. Hi Scott, a great set and in particular I love the image with the open cabinet. I think I know you well enough (from afar) to be sure that you placed a light or two inside the cabinet – would you mind briefly mentioning what you did here? Although this blog post is 4.5 years old I have a feeling you’ll remember this shot!

  7. Hi Matt,
    Yep, there’s a speedlight tucked in there just to make things interesting. Nothing very fancy, I believe it was just bounced off the inside wall of the cabinet!

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