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Lynda_ScreenShotA few months ago the Content & Production people at contacted me about producing videos for Real Estate photography. I’m pleased to announce today that we’ve sketched out a roadmap for a series of videos that will cover not only technique, but also touch on business and “back end” processes that are so important for making this stuff pay off — literally.

In October, I traveled down to Santa Barbara California and we filmed our first course, which was kind of a test run. We chose a very simple room and I used it to demonstrate what I called the “Basic Bedroom” lighting technique. If you’ve read my book or watched my comprehensive video series, you know this one – it’s the ultimate quick-n-dirty lighting technique for small rooms, and it’s nearly idiot-proof. I can shoot a bedroom using this technique pretty much with my eyes closed. The photo won’t be quite “magazine” quality, but it’ll be plenty “good enough” for a fast real estate environment. Future courses will be intended to show techniques for going beyond the “good enough” level and into “excellent”.

You can see the “trailer” for this video here, and if you’re a subscriber, the entire 42-minute course has been live for a few weeks.

Like I said, this was supposed to be the simplest of simple shots. Well….mother nature apparently wanted to take me down a notch, because what started out as an easy “beginner” shot turned into kind of a wild ride as the sun played tricks and the shoot dragged on longer than expected. In the end I got a photo although neither the process or the finished shot look much like what I had originally envisioned!

Such is the nature of location photography, though, and overall we felt confident enough to plan for more videos. We’re shooting again in April, and we’ve got several more courses in pre-planning so these will likely continue to trickle out through 2017. The next course, (working title: “Fundamentals”) will go into more detail on a more complex shot, and I’ll even demo what I would do differently if I had, for example, 5 minutes to make the photo, or 10 minutes, or 15 minutes (an extravagantly long time in the wild-and-wooly world of real estate photography — in my architectural work we normally expect to spend upwards of an hour on even a “simple” photograph, and two or three hours is not exceptional).

So, is this a replacement for the Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series, or for The Essentials of Lighting Interiors eBook?

No. To be sure, there’s overlap, but there’s no way we’re going to be able to cover the breadth of situations and techniques that are in LFRE and Lighting Essentials. Instead, in the videos, I’ll be going into greater detail on the shots we do show, and trying to address the WHY of what’s going on in addition to the WHAT and HOW. But if you want to see absolutely everything I know, albeit fairly quickly….get the full video series, and/or read the book. These videos on will be a very good companion to either of those products.

Watch this space for more info – and follow me on Facebook if you want to see what’s happening in my world day-to-day!

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  1. Great news!! I watched “Basic Bedroom” when it came out and was hoping for more. Thanks for the effort, I appreciate it!

  2. This is awesome, Scott! I’ve been a long time subscriber of Lots of great learning there. I look forward to watching your videos.

  3. Congratulations! Both you and have been essential to my success.

  4. That’s great! I’m a subscriber.

  5. Like some of the others I have been a long time subscriber to Lynda.Com. I also bought your video on interior lighting a couple of years ago and have watched it several times.

    The way you presented this on Lynda.Com was very fresh. I came away with a much better comprehension of some of the issues (particularly composition). I look forward to your next chapter.

  6. Hi Scott, your Lynda video series are incredible. I’ve watched them several times and learn something new each time. Hope you do many more.

  7. Just watched your videos on and have to thank you for those, they are quite instructive and well thought out. There is just one little bit of information I wished that you’d include in these and that’s the flash zoom setting you’re using and why. Once you deploy the wide angle diffuser it’s apparent but the rest of the time I’m guessing what it might be. Even though I’ve been doing this stuff for some years now I still learn a thing or two from watching you work. I hope you keep ’em coming.

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