Lighting For Real Estate Photography – Giveaway

Things are coming together very, very nicely — and Malia Campbell and I are optimistic about beating our deadline of March 1st for the release of the Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series!

So — we’re thinking about the long game, now. From the get-go, my goal was to create something that would really make a difference in the industry. I hope that people who buy the videos will use them to further their own technique and creativity. And to jump-start things, I’m looking for five photographers — to whom I’m giving a free pass to the series.

Here’s the deal:

Since this is a video series all entries must be in the form of a video.  Don’t be scared — be creative!  Almost everyone these days has a video camera whether it’s the Canon 5d2, your iPhone or even a webcam.  Just be creative with it.  Give us something that will make us remember you!

Here are the official rules:
1) Video should be 30-60 seconds.  Much longer and we probably won’t make it to the end.
2) Video must be uploaded as a public video to YouTube with the following keywords: “Lighting for Real Estate Photography”, “Video giveaway”
3) Link to the video must be emailed to  Links left in the comments section of my blog may or may not be noticed.  Please email.
4) Entry must be uploaded and link emailed to us by February 15, 2012, 5:00 pm PST.
5) Send us your name, website, and email address in your email with your entry.  Your log in to the videos is with your email address so please send a real email address.  In return I promise not to share or sell it to  anyone.
6) By entering this contest you agree to let us (Malia Campbell Photography, Scott Hargis Photo) use your video entry to help promote our series.

Okay that’s enough fine print.  We’ll announce the winners at 9:00 am PST on Launch Day (scheduled for March 1st.  If we launch early you’ll be notified early).  Go shoot!  Be creative!  We’re looking forward to hearing from seeing you!

12 responses to “Lighting For Real Estate Photography – Giveaway

  1. This is such an awesome idea! I can’t wait to see this video series. I am that person who spends WAY too much time in post, so these videos will be great to watch and learn from!

    The giveway is cool too, but I don’t know about putting myself in FRONT of the camera…. Oh my!! I’ll have to let the thought of a public video with my face all over it simmer for a bit.

  2. Whats the price going to be for the series?

    • Well, if you enter the contest, you stand a good chance of getting it for free…

      But otherwise, it’s US$175. 21 videos, just up under 3 hours’ worth. We tried to find a price point that would be accessible — $175 is just about “low average” for what RE photographers charge for a single shoot, so that seemed like a reasonable number.

  3. Hi Scott!
    My name is Tomas Gillberg, a Real Estate Photographer in Sweden
    Really looking forward to se this video series. A fantastic idea.
    A lot of speedlights is not frequently in use here, because lost of time.
    But i think there will be a change for that!
    Good luck with the video and keep up your good work.

    Regards Tomas

  4. Sounds great! Best wishes for success

  5. Hi Scott. I’m really interested in entering the contest. I’m a little foggy on the expected content though. Are you looking for a behind the scenes look at one of my photo shoots, a photo montage of previous jobs, or an empassioned plea for a free DVD set?


    • Michael, we left it vague on purpose. We’d like to know that the videos are going to people who will put them to good use. Got a specific project or goal? Struggling with a particular aspect of interiors? Feeling like you’ve hit a plateau and want to break through it?

  6. “Lighting for Real Estate Photography” is too long to be a YouTube tag. :-S

  7. Hey Scott,

    I’m a photographer based in Dallas, Texas; I’ve been working on a personal project photographing the Dallas skyline, and every time I’ve gone out to work it my connection to architectural photography continues to grow. I have so many questions about architectural imaging, though – balancing ambient light with artificial, making orangish, tungsten light appear white, considerations about perspective and distortion issues, working in rooms with windows wherein the outside and inside exposures have to be blended, etc., etc. So I saw your YouTube video promoting a video series you’ve made, and I’m really interested in buying it. Do you think it can help answer some of these questions? I’m recent college graduate from the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, and my portfolio can be seen at, if you’d like to see what I’ve been doing with Dallas. It’s listed under ‘projects’.

    Thanks Scott, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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