Kitchen by Houseworks


Back in November I shot this nice kitchen remodel for my friends over at Houseworks, a San Francisco design/build firm. Unpretentious, low-key, livable…design that doesn’t draw attention to itself but lets you “do your thing” un-disturbed.


What I loved, though, was the way the under-cabinet lights made the grey backsplash and neutral countertop glow — and anything you put there seems like it’s a piece in a museum display. The backdrop is so unassuming – and the lighting so plain, that you don’t realize anything is happening until you place a bowl of oranges on the counter – and then, BAM! It’s like they’re Oranges From The Garden Of Eden.

This was a combination of LED and warm fluorescent lighting, which we gelled strategically into a truly color-neutral zone that the camera liked.

First quarter of 2014 is starting to come together, with a few really cool projects lined up! But first up is next weekend’s PFRE workshop, right here in my back yard. More on that soon!

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