iPhone Photos of the Day

Shooting more 4×5 today!photo copy 2

3 responses to “iPhone Photos of the Day

  1. The other wonderful aspect of 4×5 is that you only have to change the ground glass to move from
    vertical to horizontal. Not the entire camera. Hope you’ll show us the finished image.

  2. Did you compose, meter and light the shot beforehand using your 5D?

    • Yeah, for the most part. It’s a different camera/lens, so the composition is necessarily a little different, and lighting is a bit harder, but since there’s no longer 4×5 polaroid available, I use the 5D as a digital pola and then bracket from there on the Sinar.
      You can still get polaroid (Fuji, actually) for MF backs, so on the Mamiya I can test that way.

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