iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in San Francisco with Andy Morrall Architect!

7 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Ready to start? or just finished?

    Again I see square 4×6″ Lee filters.
    Do you use these filters much for interior work?

    Thanks, Henk

  2. Is that a tele-extender I see? When do you use that? I learned a lot from your lighting book, thanks!


  3. is that schneider pc-ts super-angulon 28mm lens??!

  4. Scott, loved your videos, learned a lot. Shooting a big house tomorrow, will use your tricks!
    btw, do you bring those props to the shoot? (fruit, flowers, etc) or just happen to be around?

  5. A stylist is like a stager? I was thinking of starting hauling a couple nice bottles of wine and glasses with me to the shoots…

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