iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Martin Perri Interiors, in San Ramon California!

4 responses to “iPhone Photo of the Day

  1. Scott: Thank you for showing us your lighting set-up. Is that 3 hot lights with gels aimed at the table? Also, would you be kind enough to show us your final?

  2. Yep, 3 hotlights, CTB gels, and there’s some other lighting going on behind me from this perspective. I’m sure the final will show up here eventually.

  3. Lighting interiors is the best text I’ve read on the subject. What kind lights are used with the gels?

    • Thanks, Steve. Those are Arri 150s, with CTB gels (to cool them down – Arri’s are tungsten-balanced but this room was getting some very blue daylight. I had to gel the hotlights cooler, and the strobe slightly warmer, to get everything to balance.)

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