Infinity Tower, Dubai Marina by Skidmore Owings Merrill

hargis_130309_028_smallIt hasn’t been topped out yet, but I couldn’t resist shooting it anyway — this is the Infinity Tower, Dubai Marina, scheduled for completion later this year. Just a few degrees of twist to go!

When it’s done, it’ll be about 300+ meters and 76 floors of residential awesomeness. One thing I’ll be very interested in is how they plan to clean the windows. And there’s always a plan. Some of these buildings require expensive and amazing custom-built apparatus to access the facade. The Burj Khalifa went old-school.

Rapelling would be an option for Infinity, but with a, uh….twist. (sorry, I couldn’t resist that one).

I scored the perfect platform to shoot from, and got a nice series. InshAllah, I’ll get a shot of the finished tower later this year!


And as a bonus, here’s a fuzzy pre-dawn BTS shot:

photo copy

9 responses to “Infinity Tower, Dubai Marina by Skidmore Owings Merrill

  1. Mr Scoott, is that mean you are coming to Dubai this november !!??.I hope so anyway
    Superb work as always

  2. You made someone get up – pre-dawn – with you?!

  3. where DID you shoot this from…or is it a trade secret? Which lens did you use? (unless that’s a trade secret too lol) Thanks for the post, keep them coming!

    • Dawn, haha! Yeah, it almost *is* a trade secret, now that I think about it…but we’re on the 16th floor of a residential tower in Dubai Marina. People familiar with the area could probably figure it out pretty easily.
      Lens(es) were the 24TS and 17TS.

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