Good Light vs. Everything Else

One of the photos above was made with my Canon 5DmII, with a 17-40 “L” series lens. The other was made moments later, with my iPhone 4s.

Both photos got some color correction in Photoshop as well as perspective correction, and the iPhone version got some noise reduction courtesy of Nik Dfine. Nothing else was done – no HDR, no toning, nothing.

The lesson here is that really good light trumps pretty much everything else. As photographers, we need to hone our ability to “see” good light. When it’s there, you go with it. When it’s not, you make it.

Can you tell which is which? Click the image to see a bigger version. Answer on Friday.

23 responses to “Good Light vs. Everything Else

  1. Not sure which shot is with the iPhone but did a ghost open the front door between shots? : ) Also, I noticed you must have not liked the composition of the shot on the left because you took a step or two to your left for the second shot to allow the tree branch to conceal the chimney. But that’s about all I can figure out from these…still not sure which was the iPhone!

  2. Easy! Right hand one is iPhone 4s.

    • Larry, what’s your rationale?

      • Andrey Khrolenok

        I agree with Larry.
        This is evident even in the previews. The right image has problems with contrast and colors. The left is more similar to the way that photographs 5D Mark II.

    • My rationale was that the one on the right looks like it was done with a lens that had a narrower angle of view and thats what was making the tree on the left appear to overlap the roof line.

      But apparently I was all wet… great comparison!

  3. I think the 5DMKII is on the right, because I think I see more shadow detail there. But man, I wouldn’t say I’m very sure of myself!

  4. Kristian t. Bollæren

    Left is the iPhone and right is the Canon. Impressing!!!

  5. I am gonna go with left canon right iphone…Amazingly the differences are almost none. To my eye…the left is crisper….so I hope it is the canon!!. Also the left as a deeper colour in the sky, coudl be due to a smaller aperture.

    Also there seems to be some lens dust on the lens in the left….which is not in the right…but I guess if you put your phone in your pocket….it could be either.

    I am saying left canon…keeping my fingers crossed…lol

    Regardless amazing post….

  6. I’d say the right is Canon, but mostly because of the hideous chimney, which is hidden by the bushes > better shot for the customer, it does not matter on the iPhone shot 😉

  7. IDK….but guessing the right is cannon

  8. Guessing left is iPhone. But hard to tell. Certainly not $5000 worth of difference in these shots. 😉

    BTW, I’d love to see a similar comparison on indoor shots – I think we all know how that would go.

  9. Canon is on the right. Choice made by composition and more detail on the shadows.

  10. Right is iPhone.

  11. But, I should have said… your overall premise is correct.

  12. Trick question?….maybe you have a Canon iphone prototype.
    My guess is Canon left seems like more detail, but wouldn’t be surprised if it were the reverse. Agree with Andre about composition; which says right.

  13. At a small size in jpg this is a good example that the iphone will do if you have a sun in your backpack and not just sb’s. Iphone 4s is about 35mm. You use a 17-40mm. I would say based on the tree at the chimney and the garage door that the right one is iphone a little longer away than the left one at a more 20mm feeling. Also guessing that you got this great idea, ran in after your iphone and back out forgetting to close the door. Thanks for a interesting blog. Regards from Norway!

  14. To my eyes the Canon is on the left and iPhone is on right. Left one is sharper in the fine details and it just looks like it was taken with a wider lens.

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  16. The one on the left is the iPhone, the one on the right the Canon. There seems to be some noise and artifacts in the one on the left, leads me to believe it is from the iPhone.

  17. Lexis | Byron Bay

    the one in the middle ?

  18. Right is iPhone
    Left is Canon
    (just to go on record)

  19. First one noised is Iphone and second one is Canon, if not, i will throw my Canon to bin!

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