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A few weeks ago I spent a couple of days working with Pfau Long Architecture shooting their latest project, the headquarters in (where else) San Francisco’s SoMa district. This building is owned by Hudson Pacific Properties, which manages buildings throughout the West Coast.


A project this size has a lot of players, and Pfau Long’s role was primarily on the outside of the building, including the facade, entries, structural work, and a truly spectacular roof deck. SoMa (South of Market) is a wonderful mix of old masonry warehouse and industrial structures alongside some of the most exciting new construction anywhere. The Millenium Tower is here, as well as the future Transbay Tower which will be the tallest building in San Francisco.

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GitHub occupies a wonderful old re-purposed masonry building that has undergone extensive re-hab.


One of the interior spaces that Pfau Long did work on was this elevator lobby (shown with an obliging employee on his way home). And yes, that’s an espresso bar…in the elevator lobby. Welcome to a tech campus! Believe me, this is nothing.


We were on the job pre-dawn in order to capture this entry with a custom fabricated acrylic awning.


We worked dawn and evening twilights for two days, with some scouting and a few interiors in between. This shot places the building in context with the adjacent (beautiful!) brick warehouses. Time of day is critical to get the relief in the building’s facade to show up clearly, especially given the clutter of the power lines in front.


The roof deck floats over the otherwise ordinary roof, but is surrounded by city views and of course, the ever-present San Francisco Bay.





Here’s a few behind-the-scenes photos….there’s a few more HERE.






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  1. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images & especially enjoy your behind the scene images as well.

  2. Nice work Scott.. Is that the 5D Mark iii with extra heavy duty battery chamber on bottom or the 1DX ?

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