Classic Mid-Century Modern For Sale

Earlier this year I was fortunate to team up again with Quentin Bacon on another Michael Thompson (Sotheby’s International) real estate project — this one in Orinda, California.

92 Sandhill, Orinda, CA

Readers of this blog will remember Michael…..he was also my client on the Casa Estrella project, where I also worked alongside Quentin.

This property was a Don Sandy original – built at the start of his career in 1963. Sandy went on to focus mainly on resorts and hotels, spending the next 50 years circling the globe and building commercial spaces. Over the ensuing decades, his vision for this house was slowly corrupted, and it took the current owners several months of work (and a lot of money) to restore it to it’s original glamour. Don himself was brought in to supervise the restoration.

One of the great things about working with Michael is that he gives me complete freedom to do what I want — free, unfettered access to the house, at any time of the day or night, for pretty much as long as I want.

“Michael, I need to do some dawn twilights.” OK.

“Michael, I need a 10-year-old boy to do cannonballs in the pool.” No Problem.

“Michael, I need you to throw a big cocktail party with caterers and valet parking.” Done.

“Michael, I need your classic collector’s Porsche and a helicopter.” Sure thing.

Photos by Quentin Bacon

I love this guy! And hopefully, the results speak for themselves. Quentin went all-out on this, shooting time-lapse and video and spending way more time on location than I did. Here’s the video Quentin made:

Quentin and I agreed early on that the “sex appeal” of this place was outside, not inside. The inside was nice enough, but this was clearly a house built for parties, and not indoor parties, either. We staged two cocktail parties (a little one, and a big one) and both naturally gravitated towards the pool and the big grassy terrace.

Over the course of a week or so I spent around 15 hours photographing the interiors and exteriors. Quentin and I met at the house twice to do pre-shoot walkthroughs, and it was while we walked the grounds and explored the rooms that we heard the story of the house coming out in our plans. We wanted to make stills and video that complemented each other without duplicating one another’s efforts.

Here’s a few more of my favorites:

Photo by Perry Wexelberg

You can see the full set of photos on the official property website:

92sandhill .com

I have a bunch of BTS stuff, when I’ve got time I’ll throw together a few clips and post ’em here!

13 responses to “Classic Mid-Century Modern For Sale

  1. Super cool. What a great house and project. Great job all-round

  2. Really nice work Scott……. all around just….very well done – Inspiring work.


  3. Nice work! Both of you. The video is unique and captivating. I love all the unusual camera moves and time lapses! Interior time lapses… I’d never though of that but they are striking!

  4. Brenda Bentley

    Absolutely marvelous! As a biiig fan of mid-century moderns and owning one myself I am very interested in how the interior looks. But more than that I am envious that you were able to have such creative license! What a wonderful job this must have been for you.

  5. Both the video and stills are stunning. Very inspirational. Great job!

  6. now that’s a complete package, nice one

  7. Great job! Must have been a lot of fun to shoot this one too!

  8. I live in the area and never knew such a house existed. A lot of the architectural gems here are hidden from street view.

  9. Do you shoot video now too? Love the time lapse shots with the camera panning. How is that done? What kind of equipment moves the camera slowly during a time lapse?

  10. Hey Marc. I bought your lighting book. Thanks for all the insights. Really helped me.

    Now, just one question. I really love the blog site for Sandhill. I use mysingleproperty websites for cheaper jobs. I’m curious as to what you use for showing off your photography when a Sandhill budget isn’t doable. Do you have a solution that works well for you? I’m looking at something that is not branded and shows your photos much like on your Sandhill site.

  11. Who’s Marc? đŸ˜‰

    At the top of this page is a link to my website, where I display my portfolios. It was designed and is hosted by LiveBooks. The Sandhill site, which I did not build, is actually a WordPress template, which I believe is free.

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