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New Work from Scott Hargis Photo!


It’s that time.…I’ve updated the website with a new collection of images from recent assignments. Check it out HERE, and while you’re browsing, be sure to check out the new “Fine Art Prints” gallery (to which I’m adding new stuff all the time), as well.

Every image on the site is available as a signed print.

Fine Art Prints


Today I’m announcing that fine art prints are available on my website!

While architecture and interiors remains my central passion, and is the core of my “personal work”, I also apply that same aesthetic to photos of other subject matter. Today I’ve added a new gallery to my website and begun adding images that I believe stand on their own as art.


You can order a print of any image, anywhere on the site, using the “Print” icon beneath the photo. Don’t be put off by the “FotoMoto” diaglog box — you’ll be ordering and paying through them, but the prints are produced (and shipped) by me personally, on my equipment, one at a time. Anything from 8″x10″ up to 44″x60″ is available. You can always follow up with me via email with questions or concerns, and if I see anything that looks amiss I’ll be reaching out to you before we go to print.

I’m working on making my bound hard copy commercial portfolio available, too! Stay tuned!


Facebook Page Launched!


Head on over to the evil empire Facebook and “Like” my business page — lots of photos, updates, and behind-the-scenes stuff going up there!

New Work – Summer 2014


It’s that time again….I’ve compiled a fresh “New Work” collection with the best of the best since May. Check out all 25 images HERE!

Many thanks to the awesome designers, architects, builders, and stylists who labored to create these spaces:

Brownhouse Design  •  Kathy Price  •  W Design  •  Muratore Corp.  •  Cindy Bayon  •  Heather Menegat  •  building Lab  •  Atria Senior Living  •  Custom Kitchens by John Wilkins  •  Joy Wilkins  •  Karmela Dizon  •  Enlighten  •  Tracy Toepfer  •  Design Image  •  Carol Kelly  •  MJK Homes  •  Matt Komo  •  Lencioni Construction


Featured on ArchDaily

Pleased today to see my photos of this Baran Studios project on ArchDaily:


New Work from Scott Hargis Photo


It’s that time….I’ve posted a new quarterly portfolio at

New work from Jennifer Hoey Interiors, building Lab, Baran Studios Architects, Muratore Corp., and many more! It’s an amazing symbiotic relationship…my clients produce killer interiors and architecture, which provides the raw material for my camera, which leads to photographs that (hopefully) inspire yet more great design…

Some terrific projects are on the horizon, stay tuned!

New Work: Summer 2013

WordpressClick the image to view the complete collection.

This late-summer portfolio features images from the following:

Handel Architects  •  Building Lab  •  Shelterwerkes Architecture  •  Atria Senior Living  •  Kelly Scanlon Interiors   •  Dogtown Development  •  Baran Studio Architects

Thanks for producing such amazing material for me to photograph!

Lighting For Real Estate Photography Updated

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 4.37.30 PM

As I mentioned recently, there are 6 new episodes currently being added to the Lighting For Real Estate Video series, under the heading “Le Monde Réel”. We went live with “Rick” a couple of weeks ago, which covers a gnarly color cast situation, and more recently we released “Simon” – which deals with a bizarre reflection issue, and “Kristen” which addresses log homes and wood paneling.

Coming up next week is “Pat”, which centers on flash technique and photographer-induced shadows.

If you’re a subscriber, log into the site and look under the “Video” tab to find the “Le Monde Réel” link. That’ll take you to a new page with all three videos ready to play. And check back periodically — there are 3 more episodes in the editing phase as we speak, which will be released as they’re ready, about one every week to ten days.


New Work Spring 2013


It’s that time — I’ve updated the portfolios and collected my best from the past 3 months into a new “New Work” gallery. Check it out here!

New Work From Scott Hargis Photo – Winter 2013


It’s that time, and I’ve been hard at work all week avoiding curating a collection of what I think are the best images I’ve shot over the past three months or so. Click the image above to see the entire gallery!

As always, I have to thank my partners in these photos – the awesome clients who create the raw material for me. In no particular order:

Muratore Corp  •  Holly Bender Interiors  •  Jody Brettkelly  •  1Columbia Design  •  Thornwall Properties  •  Arco Construction  •  Susan Diana Harris Interior Design  •  Martin Perri Interiors  •  Leslie Arnold Architect  •  Folio Design


New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

Every Quarter or so, I launch a new portfolio composed of my favorite images shot during the preceding three months. This fall, I’m particularly pleased with the collection – and it was quite a process editing it down to a manageable size!

As always, I owe a big debt of thanks to my awesome clients who created such excellent material for my camera.

While I was at it, I also re-vamped and updated my other portfolios. So, check ’em out!! Predictably, my favorite is the iPhone gallery. Four years and counting, and I still love making iPhone shots! I’m hopeless!

Laura Martin Bovard Interiors – Print Ad

Pleased to see my photo chosen for LMB’s Designer Showcase print piece.

Website Make-Over

Bigger Pictures!
That’s really about it, I tweaked the portfolios a bit, but pretty much it’s about the size. As you re-size your browser window, the site will automatically scale to follow. Big improvement, as far as I’m concerned! Stay tuned, I’m due to release a “New Work” collection soon….

Scott Hargis Lighting Interiors eBook


I think this thread has outlived it’s usefulness! If you’re arriving late to the party, this was originally a bit of a rant on my part because search terms kept popping up that were clearly intended to find a way to steal my book (torrent, fileripper, pirated, etc.)

I asked people to explain why they would steal something that costs less than $50, and incredibly, a number of people showed up and gave their reasons why they steal. And even more folks showed up and left testimonials about why the book was worth the money to them. I really appreciated that!

And, a bunch of people just used it as a way to be righteously indignant over nothing at all. They stumbled on the blog post while searching for a legitimate way to buy the book (HERE, fyi) and decided that I was accusing them of stealing. (Apparently reading past the second sentence was too much trouble).

So: If you’re searching for my eBook, it’s HERE. I think you’re gonna like it. You might also like my VIDEO SERIES.

Thanks….and, Happy lighting!

New Work

Yep, it’s that time again — indeed well past time — so here’s the Spring 2011 New Work collection! Click the image above to see the entire collection.

These are images made since October of 2010 (the last time I updated my portfolio). The collection includes interiors by 1Columbia Design, Bleu Leman Design, Custom Kitchens of Oakland, Dennis Family Homes, Dumican Mosey Architects, LMB Interiors, McCutcheon Construction, and McGrath Properties, among others. I’m proud and excited to be working with these great firms!

While I was at it, I updated my “standard” Interiors and Exteriors portfolios, and (best of all) my iPhone portfolio. Man, I love making those iPhone shots.

And now it’s back to work…..the next project beckons….

New Work

Today I’m launching a new “New Work” portfolio, with images made since March of this year. Click the image above to see the whole gallery. I like this collection very much, and I can remember making every one of these photos as if it were yesterday. They were fun! You might also check out my “regular” Interiors Portfolio, which I just updated by deleting some old stuff I was sick of looking at, and replacing it with images I “promoted” from last winter’s “New Work” collection.

I’ve had a pretty good run in the last couple of weeks, as well – so the material for the next portfolio update is already beginning to come together. One of the things I love about photography is the anticipation of the next project…who knows what will be in front of my camera over the next three months? Stay tuned, I’ll show you the highlights sometime in October (more or less).

New Work from Scott Hargis Photo

Today I officially “launched” my quarterly New Work portfolio — a collection of the best stuff I’ve shot over the past 3 months or so. In this case, it more like 4 or 5 months, since I’ve been so swamped with work and travel I haven’t been able to stick to the schedule!

Click the image above to see the full collection, and let me know what you think.

Truth is, these images have been “live” on my website for about a month, but I needed to get away from them for a bit and then come back in order to see them clearly. That made a big difference, as I realized I needed to drop a few that were kind of lackluster, and I found a few new ones that I had overlooked or disqualified for bad reasons. This collection is better for having taken the extra time to think about it.

I’ve been spending a lot of time with my portfolios lately. You may have read about it HERE, or maybe HERE. And if you’re wondering what my “New Work” emails look like, you should READ THIS.

Portfolio Review – Chapter Six: Moving On

It’s Back!

Just when you thought you’d escaped, I’m back with a leaner, faster, sexier portfolio review. This week we’re heading out to Arizona, to take a look at the work of an established real estate shooter. I titled this one “Moving On” because it seems to me that this photographer is producing consistent work that should please most real estate clientele — but if he wants to “move on” and shoot bigger/better/harder material, which can have lot$ of benefit$, he’s going to have to make some changes.

As always, I’m NOT linking to websites, and not naming names in print, to avoid getting a Google stain on our hero’s nice website; please follow suit if you’re going to cross-post this. And as always, let’s remember that I’m just a guy, and my opinions are only valuable when you think about them and challenge them. Cultivate multiple streams of feedback, use them wisely, shoot what you like.

Today’s episode clocks in around 25 minutes…sit back, pour some wine (I recorded this while drinking a cheap glass of Syrah) and enjoy!

Portfolio Madness, Part Two: The Rejecting

If you missed it, here’s Part One: The Collecting

In Part One, I talked about the how I approached the portfolio overall, in terms of the general message I wanted to send. I thought about what my goals are as a photographer. I thought about who I wish I was shooting for,  and also who my bread-and-butter clients are right now. The portfolio needs to speak to both of these groups. I collected all the images that I deemed “worthy” and then started (ruthlessly) editing, tossing out shot after shot, until I had it Continue reading

Portfolio Madness, Part One: The Collecting

Seven Days of Portfolio Madness makes One Weak. But I’ve got it done, and I think it’s an improvement over my former collection. I’ll be interested to hear some feedback.
This was the most comprehensive make-over I’ve ever done to my portfolios, in part because I’ve never updated all of them at once before. And I might never again, actually. Too much stress!
One the one hand, I try not to succumb to what Mr. Jarvis refers to as “the drama of the portfolio”…..but on the other hand, it’s really, really hard not to obsess over it, and after all, it’s important, dammit! This is the first and potentially only impression I’m going to make on prospective clients for the upcoming several months, and of course I want to look as good as possible. So I obsessed, all week, and still I’m wondering about a few of my decisions.
On the other hand, c’mon….if my overall body of work is good enough, then I’ll be fine. And one tiny tweak in the order of the presentation, or the inclusion of this kitchen shot instead of that one is not likely to make or break me as a photographer…..right?

Sigh. Lemme look at that again…. see more rejects after the jump