Behind The Scenes with Malia Campbell Photography

I’m heading into a brutal shoot sked this weekend which (hopefully) will mark the end of shooting on a long-term project. A couple of weeks ago my friend and colleague Quentin Bacon dropped by the set to shoot some BTS footage.

Before you ask:  I’m not sayin’……yet.

Maybe next week.

8 responses to “Behind The Scenes with Malia Campbell Photography

  1. Jan from belgium

    I am buying your DVD!!!! Sign me up with an autograph of Malia;)

  2. I’m not asking, but I will predict: Is this a video version of (or companion to) your eBook?

  3. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  4. Hot pancakes with chocolate sauce on top, i am telling ya!

    Good job guys!
    Collaboration = to the top.

  5. The suspense is killing me.

  6. Great company to be in… Can’t wait.

  7. You rascal, what a sneaky way to build a little anticipation. It looks like everything you do – the best!

  8. Hey Scott, you’re the best. Looking forward to the full version and I’ll have no problem buying it!

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