Behind the Scenes Video

A few weeks ago, my longtime Photo Assistant Alan Vance brought some video equipment along and filmed me during an interior design shoot with Bleu Leman Design (Diane Leifer). He cut together this video showing the messy, weird, painstaking path we tread on our way to a finished shot.

Enjoy! And thanks Diane Leifer for agreeing to appear in this — and to Alan Vance for shooting and editing!

15 responses to “Behind the Scenes Video

  1. Thanks very much for sharing, Scott. Really interesting to watch.

  2. Love your work Scott and i have purchased your video series and i do love the final product and wish you can give us a lighting setup of that lovely shot plz

    • Mohamed; this one was a bit wacky and I can’t remember exactly, but you can see the “key” light in a big umbrella to camera right.

  3. Really cool video and gorgeous shot! I wonder how the photo would look if I shot it for comparison.

    • Thanks! If you shot it, it would have your “signature” look. You might have found some other composition that I would never have even seen. It’s always fascinating to me to see how different photographers interpret the same subject.

  4. Inspiring, and depressing at the same time 😉
    Awesome video.
    Scott, thanks for taking the time to do this BTS vid.
    It gives me challenges, which we all need from time to time.
    Helps me see where I am, and where I could be.
    Just what I needed this morning.

  5. How you achieved such vivid textures in the both the dark wood grains, the bright white shiny brick all while holding a realistic dimension to such a deep space is what blows me away. Very pleasing photo to look at, puts you right in the mood for a beer and a nap. Great job.

  6. As always, thank you for sharing your artistry! And thank you for reminding us that a great image happens through hard work and planning rather than by magic.

  7. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for sharing the shoot. I loved seeing/hearing you working with your client at the scouting and during the shoot and a glimpse at some of the styling/tweaking going on. In that first feature shot, I thought the lighting you did in the distant room really looked like splashes of sunlight instead of arri light. That sense of natural light was reinforced for me by the light/shadow of the actual natural light spilling in from the window above the book case in the front room.

    I learned so much from you when I took your workshop a couple of years ago and continue to pick up new tips and tricks from your postings. I’ve gotten to the point now (in great part thanks to you) where although sometimes it takes a bit longer than I would like, I stay calm while I compose, style and especially tweak lights and get results that please my clients and most of the time please me too. Please, keep your informative and fun posts coming!

  8. Hi Scott! I want to salute you for blessing us all with such in-depth workshop videos, behind the scenes videos and blog posts. I’ve learned a lot of new tricks thanks to you. I have a question. What type of laptop stand do you use your video? Thanks in advance!

  9. Thanks, everyone. Andre, it’s a TetherTools laptop stand. You can see absolutely ALL the gear (including the laptop stand) here:

  10. Thanks for taking the time to update your current gear list.. very helpful. It would be cool if there was a way you could export a “Scott Hargis” Amazon wish list that I could import..

  11. Sorry, my comment was meant for your updated gear list video.. sorry, I’m multitasking and not doing a very good job.

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