Ask Me Anything! But not ’til Friday


Tune in Friday, September 25th, at Noon Pacific time and Ask Me Anything you want to know about architectural photography, interiors photography, and anything else you want to know. The only thing that’s NOT on the agenda is my recipe for buttermilk pancakes, which I’m taking to the grave with me.

See you there!

12 responses to “Ask Me Anything! But not ’til Friday

  1. Are you sure I need to wait until Friday? I won’t be available at noon but I definitely have questions!

  2. Caryn, apparently you can put in questions ahead of time…but the answers won’t go up until Friday.

  3. Scott, is the same information in the book as in your videos? Also, if I purchase the videos, are they downloadable?

  4. I would ask you to tell us when you are going to have a seminar. Please.

  5. Do we “tune-in” here, or is there a special website for the event? Will it be live?

  6. Scott – That link is for this page. You just messin’ with me, or am I missing something here?

  7. YES! to seminar/workshop! I know, that’s not a question! Please?

  8. Just looking through the archives – workshop in October in South Africa!?! Geez, I was hoping a little closer to home!

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