Archive Wednesday: August 2010

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  1. Scott, the lighting looks too even and has a bit of a sterile feel to it… almost like a hospital room. Personally I’d like to see a little more “ambience” in the room lighting / exposure.

  2. Scott, is real estate style intentionally different from the type of ambiance of shots like those in Architectural Digest, for instance, that make more use of shadows and ambient light?

    • Michael,
      Definitely different. In general, RE photography is much wider-angle, and tends to be flatter lighting (see Chip’s comment below). Beyond that, it’s much more driven by each client’s individual preferences and tastes, and (depending on who you’re shooting for) the standards are ratcheted up considerably. Tiny little things start to matter a lot, like the placement of objects, furniture, and nuances of light.

  3. Beautiful shot! Your vertical lines are perfect. How much lens correction did you have to do in post for this shot? Care to share any secrets or tips on how you get your vertical lines to nice?

    • Sharon,
      The only lens correction would have been the standard profile in Lightroom for this lens, which is the Canon 17-40. As for getting verticals straight, it’s a matter of holding the camera level to the floor. Look through the viewfinder, when the lines are straight up and down, push the shutter button. It’s that simple! Search this blog under “correcting verticals” for a tutorial on how to fix them when you do tilt the lens.

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