…and the Winners are…..

You people are insane.

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of of the launch of our Lighting For Real Estate Photography video series, photographer Malia  Campbell and I decided to hold a contest to give away 5 free subscriptions to the series. We figured there must be 5 photographers out there who were worthy, and this would be a good way to find them, and have a good time.

The results are, well…..a hoot. Without further ado, here’s the winning roster, in no particular order:

  • Sonja Quintero (straight-up, straight-ahead, made me listen)
  • Barry  Mackenzie (although it was his kid, Jackson, who ran away with the contest)
  • Angela Madden (three words: OMG)
  • Gideon Payne (who would absolutely have lost if he hadn’t remembered to grab his kid at the last second)
  • Miguel Palaviccini (college student – all I can say, Miguel, is please pay more attention in poetry class!)

Congrats, everyone!!!

And the vids (in the same order as above):

It wasn’t easy to narrow the list down to five. At one point, I had a dozen “winners” I was  unwilling to let go of! Some heavy negotiating went on between Malia and I to get to our Fab Five. You should check out the entries — search YouTube under “Lighting For Real Estate Photography”, or click HERE.

You can also get Malia’s take on all this, HERE.

6 responses to “…and the Winners are…..

  1. Since I didn’t win, I’ll take it as a compliment that I don’t *need* your video series, that my photos are great as-is. 😉

    That said, as soon as I can afford it, I do plan to buy the series still! You can’t stop me!

  2. Holy crap! I’ve never won anything in my life – well that’s not entirely true, I once won a doughnut on one of those roll-up coffee cup contests… Jackson is pretty shy so it took a lot of convincing (and chocolate) to get him to do the interview…

    Thanks for having this contest, creating the video series, and for all that you guys do for the PFRE community!!

    • Unrelated, but Barry: Please do away with the splash page. It’s much better to just load your site as soon as you type or click your domain name, rather than having your logo with a tiny bit of text that says “enter site” at the bottom.

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