Aerial SF

It’s hard not to gloat a little over the prospect of being paid to do shoots like this. This is fun stuff, no two ways about it.

And I totally lucked out with the weather. Our first attempt last week was completely fogged out, so we hit all of our East Bay waypoints (shooting through some nasty haze) and postponed all of the San Francisco stuff for another day. That day was yesterday, and I nearly cancelled the flight because the weather in Hayward (where the flight originated) was so crappy, and deteriorating. But the Golden Gate was getting the light that photographers dream about!

“Don’t try this at home, kids,” said Rick Cascelli (the pilot), as we skimmed alarmingly close to the Marin Headlands for this shot.

There’s a reason why real estate in SF’s Sea Cliff neighborhood is expensive!

Sunday, May 27th marks the 75th anniversary of the Grand Opening of the Golden Gate bridge. Here’s a great article with oral history of the building of this incredible piece of engineering and design.

The dark blue glass tower at center is the SF Millenium (301 Mission St.) where I’ve been shooting a lot lately.

Palace of Fine Arts

The only residential subject we had in SF! This is near the summit of Pacific Heights.

7 responses to “Aerial SF

  1. Beautiful shots…you are allowed to gloat!

  2. You really got some great images! Nice work, Hargis!

  3. Looks great! There’s a new plugin that you might try on some of your shots. I’m not sure how it works – it looks like it progressively increases contrast in the mid-tones toward the horizon.

  4. Wow wow wow… love that North Tower shot in particular.

  5. I think thats my car on the bridge , , , Very nice work Mr. Hargis!

  6. Wow! I don’t think a photography can have a better day than this.

  7. Great shots! Now tell me, I assume you were flying in a Cessna or high winged AC and not a helicopter as I’m sure the cost for a heli would be prohibitive.
    Because the Cessna has a wing strut were you shooting ahead of it or behind? Shooting to the rear seems that it would be a neck and back wrenching twist. Were you able to remove the window so you didn’t have to shoot through the plexi?
    Equipment…I assume you were shooting hand held and not using any special gyro stabilizer. What do you feels is the best shutter speed since most any aperture will do at those distances. Seems the bridge shots were at a high ISO as several appear to have quite a bit of noise?
    Just one last note. I hope the shot of the structural uprights and suspension cables was a crop or shot with a longer lens. If not you may want to slap the pilot’s hands as it looks like he violated an FAA clearance reg for flying over structures like this bridge. šŸ˜‰ Looks like you got some vibration or camera movement by the looks of the lower left part of the frame, or is that just the wrong foKus, Rastus??
    Hint…take your flash off the camera, some of the shots look really flatly lit.
    BTW, I recently worked up a price for a company to do some aerial shots and with rental (Cessna 172), fuel surcharges, insurance, pilot fee, photographer fee and OHP it came to $375.00 per hour plus tax 1-hour minimum flight time(hobbs hour meter, key on to key off), plus travel to and from the AP. Plus $$ for prints or selected images edited downloads. How do I compare?

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