21greenHOME, by FormFunction-Plus

Every once in a while, a new construction project really catches my fancy. This project, on which I just completed photography, is one of them.

This killer house, by architect Andreas Brueggemann, combines contemporary style, a great “liveability” factor, and ‘green’ sustainable materials and design. I love the way this space flows!

Andreas struck a great balance between keeping the costs down and still providing a very appealing space. With solar panels, back-vented building skin design (natural cooling), and eco-friendly materials throughout, this house is part of the solution, not the problem! It even has an electronic vehicle plug in the carport!

More info HERE.

More photos, after the jump:

5 responses to “21greenHOME, by FormFunction-Plus

  1. Scott, looks like a nice property, Clean house to shoot, I think? Could you see yourself living there?

  2. Charles, it was a pretty nice place, and I don’t always go for the contemporary stuff. It was good to be able to go back a few times (I was there on 3 separate occasions to shoot) and see it in different light.

  3. Man, that dog is staring you down, Scott! haha

  4. This place is quite cool. This is very “euro-style” house, specially from northern europe. Good job once again.

    First time poster! I’m about to start real estate photography in Portugal and it’s a pleasure to see your work, Scott. You’re a real inspiration.


  5. Hi Scott,
    very cool. the pictures are great!

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