Monthly Archives: November 2014

Silicon Valley Residential with Brownhouse Design


Last month, I spend 2 and a half days with the team at Brownhouse Design, documenting three recently completed projects in and around “Silicon Valley” – a loose geographic term that encompasses the area around Mountain View California. Lots of household names within a few miles of these places — Google, Apple, & Facebook to name the obvious ones.

Here are a few of the best shots we made — thanks to Kathy, Rachel, Alan and everyone else who contributed to this project!

Q & A


I got an email recently from a photography student who had a short list of questions about architectural photography. I sent back some answers, which led to a follow-up, which led to another question, and in the end I realized this was probably good stuff for general consumption. So: Thanks, Meagan, for getting me back into writing mode!

Click here for the full Q & A!

Facebook Page Launched!


Head on over to the evil empire Facebook and “Like” my business page — lots of photos, updates, and behind-the-scenes stuff going up there!

SF Arch Porn

While scouting shoots in San Francisco…came upon this little vignette.



The view from Scott Hargis Photo World Headquarters tonight..




Tonight, actually….it’s that kind of night.