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San Francisco Workshop Recap

PFRE_SF_03Berkeley workshop, to be perfectly accurate, as we changed venues at the last minute to take advantage of a terrific bit of new construction by one of my favorite and longest-term clients, Dogtown Development. Designed by award-winning architect Matt Baran (also my client), this place was outstanding, with plenty of lines and angles, and just challenging enough to keep everyone on their toes.

We built the shot above towards the end of the first day, and liked it so much that we decided to step in and make a group photo out of it! More write-up, and LOTS of photos, click here!


On location in San Jose California with Mulberry!
6:00am call time…lucky there’s a Blue Bottle Coffee right around the corner!



Well, Friday to be completely accurate. My friend Mike Kelley came up and we spent the day goofing around shooting large format B&W. I made this shot using some 20-year-old Plus-X film that’s obviously been light contaminated….but I think it’s the best shot I made all day!

Lighting Interiors is in Print!


I get a few requests for a print version of my eBook, The Essential Guide to Lighting Interiors, and so I’m happy to announce that now it’s available (but be prepared to spend some $$).

I have to say that I don’t think this is a very good idea: we have enough dead trees already without printing things that are (frankly) perfectly good on an iPad. But if you feel strongly about it, you can now order the book from

It’s $126(!), which is slightly more than half the price of getting it printed at Kinko’s. I’ve seen a copy, and Wow! They did a good job — it looks great!

Click the image above to go to the Lulu page — and if you order, let me know what you think!


Bay Area Workshop: T-1

Things are in motion (literally) for tomorrow’s start of the 3-day interiors workshop! My co-instructor, the ineluctable Malia Campbell is airborne as I write this, and she and I will be touring the workshop house together later today for some last-minute planning.

Malia’s video workshop starts tomorrow morning with a full day of slider/jib/lens action in a pretty awesome contemporary house in Berkeley. She and her group will be sequestered away in a hotel conference room all day Saturday working with Adobe Premiere to produce their finished product(s).

My part in all this doesn’t start until Saturday — I’ll be working with different groups on Sat/Sun to shoot stills of this house, starting bright and early and going until we’ve bagged a decent twilight photo or two.

Watch this space for a few live-blogging photos as the weekend progresses!

Want to get in on this? Sign up for either Boston (in February) or Atlanta (in March).


Who knew iPhone had such nice bokeh?!

Kitchen by Houseworks


Back in November I shot this nice kitchen remodel for my friends over at Houseworks, a San Francisco design/build firm. Unpretentious, low-key, livable…design that doesn’t draw attention to itself but lets you “do your thing” un-disturbed.


What I loved, though, was the way the under-cabinet lights made the grey backsplash and neutral countertop glow — and anything you put there seems like it’s a piece in a museum display. The backdrop is so unassuming – and the lighting so plain, that you don’t realize anything is happening until you place a bowl of oranges on the counter – and then, BAM! It’s like they’re Oranges From The Garden Of Eden.

This was a combination of LED and warm fluorescent lighting, which we gelled strategically into a truly color-neutral zone that the camera liked.

First quarter of 2014 is starting to come together, with a few really cool projects lined up! But first up is next weekend’s PFRE workshop, right here in my back yard. More on that soon!

Workshop Update


That’s the front door of the house we’re shooting in the Bay Area next week – this is an architect-designed bit of urban redevelopment that’s quite cutting edge. Think “clean lines” and “smart compositions”.

The stills workshop is 90% full, meaning there’s room for one more on each day. Video has (I think) one more space as well.

Two more locations that are coming quick — Boston, and Atlanta. Atlanta is clearly going to sell out very soon.

More info, and registration, HERE.

(Not) iPhone Photo of the Day



I need a new category…I’ve actually become addicted to my Fuji X100s and it’s getting more action these days than my iPhone! “Fuji Photo of the Day” just doesn’t sound right….any suggestions?