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Seen on Houzz…


Pleased to see that my photos of building Lab’s spectacular Eichler remodel were used, and used well, in an excellent piece on

Check it out HERE. And see my write-up along with a few behind-the-scenes photos HERE.

2014 Lighting Workshops Update


Pictured above is the house we’ll be shooting in Atlanta, in March. Our job will be to improve on this photo…..heh.

As of this writing, the San Francisco workshop is clearly going to be the first to sell out. We’re at about 75% on both days. Atlanta is close behind. If you’re thinking of either of these, I would suggest acting before the holidays.

Boston — you’ve got a little time. Neither day is past the 50% mark, and it may be that this will be the workshop to attend if you want a smaller group size.

Malia Campbell’s video workshops are tracking almost identically. Again, if you’re thinking about the SF workshop, move quick. Atlanta, you’ve got some breathing room but you probably ought to get it together by year’s end. Boston people, you’re safe for the time being.

More info, and registration, HERE.

Website 3.0

SHPThis week I’m launching my new-and-improved website — check it out HERE!

The Livebooks implosion this year finally became intolerable, and I’ve developed a new site with the help of the folks at Better portfolio galleries, the addition of a video section, and a sleek new look — wit woo!

If you’re reading this post, then presumably you’ve already figured it out, but the blog has moved, as well. So update your bookmarks and stay with me, please!

Eichler Living — with building Lab


If you’ve been seeing a lot of building Lab work here this year, it’s because Stephen Shoup and his team have been on a tear – lots of amazing projects, and the recognition that comes with doing fantastic work.

This project is, in many ways, the epitome of what Stephen is all about. A Joseph Eichler home in California’s Marin County, this structure has seen extensive work but still feels 100% authentic. We shot this house over the course of two and a half days in November and created a set of photos I’m quite proud of. More photos, and some behind-the-scenes, after the jump!

iPhone Photo of the Day

One from the archives….