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Sacramento International Auto Show


And now for something completely different… Earlier this month I spend a weekend in Sacramento California shooting exhibits at the Sacramento International Auto Show – which turned out to be surprisingly fun! More photos, after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in the San Francisco Millenium Tower with Muratore Inc.!

Lighting Interiors – Second Edition…On It’s Way!

Coming to a PDF reader near you…


I’ve been laboring all year (off and on) to bring an updated Lighting Interiors eBook to fruition, and I’m VERY happy to announce that at last I’ve finished writing! The entire book is undergoing a face-lift, updating the existing chapters, correcting mistakes, adding new chapters and new photos.

The text is in proofreading as we speak, and the new layout is well underway. With any luck, this will be “live” well in time for the holiday shopping season…

The book is sold as a subscription — meaning that if you’ve already purchased it, you’ll automatically get the update (if you can remember which fake email you used when you bought originally). You can get the original, first edition HERE — and again, you’ll automatically get the second edition the day it’s released, no charge.

While we’re on the topic, let’s not forget about the “Lighting For Real Estate Video Series” which makes a good companion to the book.

iPhone Photo of the Day

You can probably guess which way I went.


iPhone Photo of the Day

San Francisco Residential by Baran Studios

Baran_ark Matt Baran (Baran Studio Architects) has been killing it lately! Between some fantastic residential work in Oakland’s “Bordertown” neighborhood that recently won a Citation Award at the East Bay AIA Awards (with photos by yours truly) to the WordPress campus that got the attention of the industry, Matt is really on a roll.

Which brings us to this most recent project in San Francisco’s Potrero Hill neighborhood. Matt re-designed the structure and added a pop-out bay window that has real chutzpah!







iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Sacramento, California

iPhone Photo of the Day

Golden Gate Awesomeness

San Francisco Residential by Andrew Morrall Architect

morrall_small03When superior architecture meets fine craftsmanship, you get the raw material for great photographs. So when architect Andrew Morrall asked me to shoot a new residential remodel that featured the cabinetry work of Hendrik Furhmeister, I knew from the first look that this would be a winner. More photos, more words, after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Thousand Oaks California – photo courtesy Mike Kelley!

I don’t know what I’m frowning about here…it was a pretty killer photo we were making!

On the Road


On the road again this week, in Thousand Oaks California to shoot an assisted living facility…here’s a sampling of work we’ve done through the summer…Let’s hope the FAA continues operating until we fly home at the end of the week!