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Seven Days Of Shooting Makes One Weak

It’s actually more like 12 consecutive days, but on the seventh day I was too busy making the shot above to blog anything. Clever tag lines aside, it’s been a busy September. More than half of what I’ve shot is either embargoed or still in proofing, but I’ve been lucky to shoot some killer interiors/exteriors for DogTown Development, Leslie Arnold Architect, HouseWorks Inc., and MJM Interiors. And, of course – Sotheby’s!

And, in the mix, was two days of shooting video with Malia Campbell for a new episode in the Lighting For Real Estate Photography series. It’s in the editing phase now (which means it’s thankfully OFF my plate) but I think it’ll be a really cool addition to the series. Watch here for an announcement when it goes live.

Meantime, here’s a few recent ones I can share:

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location on the island of Alameda, with Alameda Magazine.

iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with Alameda Magazine….in Alameda…

Real Estate!

I got my start shooting real estate, and I still do anywhere from two to ten real estate gigs every month. I’ve gotten a few emails from folks wanting to see some of that work, and since I’ve been shooting a LOT of real estate lately (eight shoots this month already), here’s a nice selection of recent stuff. Click Here to see 24 more photos!

iPhone Photo of the Day

iPhone Photo of the Day

SF Millenium Tower.

Remmies: Part One

The deadline for entry in this years’ Remmies competition was September 7th, which meant that I was a busy guy in early September. For two years running, projects that I photographed have walked away with the Grand Prize in this NorCal NARI event. I’m hoping for a hat trick — and some of the stuff I shot this year should certainly be contenders! See more photos, and a full write-up, after the jump!

iPhone Photo of the Day

The other kind of perspective control.

Scott Hargis Photo
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Notes From Norway

Photo courtesy of Kari-Janne Brekke

Towards the end of August, I was invited by Inviso Foto to teach 3 days’ worth of lighting workshops in beautiful, wonderful, Oslo Norway. I’ve been to Norway once before, in winter, and I jumped at the chance to go back and experience it in summer!

Scandanavia seems to be a bit “off the radar” in real estate photography circles, but it shouldn’t be. The market is quite well developed, and there are a lot of photographers doing some pretty stellar work up there.

We had a really great 3 days of shooting! My friend Roar Vestad scored us a perfect workshop house — plenty of rooms, and with a range of difficulty spanning “easy” to “damned hard”.  Here’s a few more BTS photos, all taken by Inviso’s Photo Manager, Kari-Janne Brekke. Thanks, Kaja!

And, here are a few of the “beauty shots” we set up over the course of three days! True to my PFRE creed of minimal post-processing, these photos have seen only “RAW” adjustments in Lightroom, and not much of that.

If you’re looking for real estate photography technique — check out my video series:


Nob Hill Condo by Muratore

Yet another fun afternoon with Cindy Bayon, this time in a high-rise atop San Francisco’s Nob Hill, documenting more past work from Muratore. This traditional condo has a to-die-for view of the Golden Gate, Pacific Heights, and The Marina. It also has one of the best collections of original Julius Shulman prints I’ve ever seen. Can you say “pressure”?  🙂 More Photos After the Jump!

A Pair of Covers

Hits the stands this week, I’ve got the cover on Oakland Magazine/Alameda Magazine (same insides, different covers) – the Kitchen Issue.

I shot 4 kitchens over the course of a couple of weeks, and we included models in two of them, anticipating a cover opportunity. Those shots made the cut, and the results are above.  Fun stuff, and excellent material provided by:



iPhone Photo of the Day

On location in Phoenix, Arizona, where a little while ago it was 106 degrees…..