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iPhone Photo of the Day

(Another) shot from Ronda Mountain Retreat, outside Ronda Spain. Dawn twilights are even harder when you’re jet-lagged.

Double Happiness

iPhone Photo of the Day

On location outside Ronda, Spain — my subject for the next three days.

iPhone Photo of the Day

Calgary, eight below.


iPhone Photo of the Day

On location with MB Jessee, Inc.!

Archive Wednesday: August 2010

Folio Design, Del Mar California

iPhone Photo of the Day

Hyatt Place, Gilbert Arizona

Workshopalypse Now

First off, check out my new Workshop Facebook page! Still (slightly) in progress, but ready and waiting for you to “like” it. I’m told that there is some sort of benefit if people “like” the page, although it’s never been made clear to me exactly what that is…anyway, click the image above to go there.

I’m writing this from Starbucks in Gilbert, Arizona, getting coffee’d up before today’s Interiors Lighting workshop over at the Lennar Layton Lakes development. Ten photographers (from all over the US) and I are going to spend the day shooting a 4-bedroom model and working on lighting techniques. This is the first US workshop I’ve taught since the summer of 2010 (Vero Beach) and I’m pretty stoked for it!

Workshops, for me, are a way to help other people be successful in their photography. And, to be perfectly frank, they’ve made me a much better photographer, too. I’ve learned so many things, either from my students, or because I didn’t know the answer to a question and had to go find it out!

Today’s group is in for a nice day – the house is possibly the most “typical” one I’ve ever taught in. It looks very much like stuff a lot of people shoot every day. I’ll get some photos up here after we’re done. For now, I’m off to go shoot!

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This Week in Photos: November 4, 2011

This week I was in a real variety  of architectural styles — urban contemporary, traditional California Bungalow, Craftsman, even some Mid-Century Moderns. Fun! I’ve collected my favorite 10 here….happy Friday!

Nine more photos, after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scouting locations in Piedmont, California!

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Last-Minute Phoenix Openings

If you were bummed out that you missed Phoenix — here’s your chance. Two spots have opened up on the Saturday roster….

Click HERE to register.

And if you miss this one, I just heard from Jim at The Camera Store that the 2-day Advanced workshop still has openings. Which I do NOT think will last…