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A Look Back at 2010, Interiors

2010 was notable on several fronts, here at Scott Hargis Photo World Headquarters. I racked up over 60,000 miles while travelling to Spain, Australia (twice), around the US, and Norway.

I shot for a LOT of new clients, and tightened relationships with existing ones. I’ve got a few projects already lined up for 2011 — I can’t wait to get started! Holidays are nice for a while, but I want to shoot.

To everyone who reads this blog — THANKS! Your comments keep this place alive; it gets awfully boring when I’m the only one talking (as I’m often reminded).

Here’s a walk through some of my favorite projects from this year. I owe an enormous Thank You to all of my clients – their talent, skill, and hard work are what create the raw material for my images.

Enjoy the show — and see you next year!

2010 As Seen By My iPhone

Here’s my iPhone retrospective, 2010!

My iPhone continues to be a primary inspiration for me, photographically. It’s almost always with me, and walking around doing street photography and impromptu portraits and abstract art has done as much for me as anything else in terms of developing my eye for light and composition.

My iPhone portfolio (badly in need of updating) continues to be popular with clients, and I have to say I get more pleasure out of curating collections like this one than almost anything else! It’s just the pure, simple joy of photography, with no business concern, no post-processing, no deadlines…..just images.

I love it. Enjoy the show!

And Now For Something Completely Different….

While I make 99% of my living shooting interiors, I also love doing portraits. No, I’m not Dan Winters, or Platon, or Martin Schoeller, and certainly not Gregory Heisler, but I still like doing it, and I’ve worked very hard over the past couple of years to get my headshot skills up to par. Here’s a dozen of my favorites from 2010! Click to see ’em bigger.

McCutcheon Construction Wins Again!

A few months ago I had the pleasure of announcing that this kitchen remodel, which I shot over a year ago for McCutcheon Construction, had won 5th place in the CaesarStone Kitchen Design contest, and was subsequently featured in Women’s Day Kitchen & Bath.

Today, I’m happy to boast that this project has won Grand Prize in the Bay Area Remmies! In addition to Grand Prize, it also took First Prize for Residential Interior (over $100,000).

Jan McCutcheon holds the plaque!

Best part: Feedback from the judges specifically mentioned that the photography was part of what they liked about the project…, shucks, folks! (scuffs feet)

I’m told that we’re now off to the Nationals……judging is in April 2011, I’ll update then!

Here’s a few more from that project. Congrat’s to Mike, Jan, and the team at McCutcheon!

Master Suite by Laura Martin Bovard Interiors

Here’s an example of a Speed Shoot: we had about two hours to produce a half dozen images on three setups…including styling! No problem, though…even Laura’s husband Scott pitched in to hang artwork and hold my Color Target!

more photos after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day

Architectural Details!

Scott Hargis Photo

November Workshop Recap – Chapter Two: The Vikings

Having been on the road for 24 out of 30 days last month, I’m pretty glad to be home and even gladder to have a light calendar. That said, Norway was a great time!

Immediately (it seemed) following my return from OZ, I headed out for Oslo, Norway, to receive my Nobel Prize for Interiors Photography speak at the Finn Photographers’ dinner.

photo courtesy Tulipchain Photography


If you aren’t familiar with, it’s basically the Norwegian answer to Craigslist. What you want —- it’s on And that includes real estate photography – really, really, good real estate photography. Finn employs 8 or 10 full-timers, and has relationships with about 70 more throughout Norway, making them the dominant force for the industry in that country.

Finn impressed me, on several fronts. First, they seem to understand that the key to making money in photography is to offer a compellingly superior product. To that end, they aggressively recruit the best photographers they can find, and provide in-depth training (which I was flattered to be a part of). Secondly – by all accounts, they treat their photographers extremely well. I spent time with a number of them, both employee and freelancers, and everyone seemed to be very happy with the company. How refreshing is that?!

On the Monday (and then Wednesday) following the conference dinner, I taught workshops, in a charming little duplex in the outskirts of Oslo. Here’s Thomas Arnestad, the Director of Photography, demonstrating some Norwegian ingenuity — using a diffuser cap as a drinking cup!

These were great workshops, because as a group, the Finn photographers were among the most advanced students I’ve ever worked with. We were able to dispense with most of the basics and really focus on the more subtle nuances of flash photography – working on ratios and strategies for adjusting exposures and the different ways light behaves. Fun stuff!

Mia made a quick video of lunch, on Monday:


It took me 3 attempts, but finally, on my last night in Oslo, I ate Lutefisk.

(sorry for the crappy low-light iPhoto!)

We had been turned away already at one place. And when I called the Stortorvets Gjestgiveri (about 400 years old, and reputed to have the best lutefisk in town) and got summarily rejected, I was ready to give up. It helps, however, to have a 195-cm native Norwegian friend to go in and ask for a table. It took John Lovas less than 5 minutes to bag us a table for 4, available immediately. Well done, John. And the result? Lutefisk ROCKS! As does roast reindeer, which was almost as good as the grilled kangaroo I’d had a couple weeks earlier. How do you decide which tastes better, Roo, or Rudolph?

Here’s one more iPhone shot from The Land of Perpetual Twilight:

iPhone Photo of the Day

Scott Hargis Photo

November Workshop Recap – Chapter One: Australia

Seven days of flying makes one weak.

Added up, as best as I can put it all together, I spent about 150 hours either airborne or in airports last month. Add to that the taxis, shuttle buses, and whatnot and I’m starting to feel like George Clooney’s character in Up In the Air!

Worth it, though. I spent a few days living in an apartment on the Indian Ocean, just outside Perth, where I taught two days of workshops with Open2Viewphotographers from throughout Western Australia (a lively bunch, those). Qantas lost my equipment, and things were looking pretty grim when I showed up on day one with just my camera and laptop, no lights. But I then discovered that they (Qantas) had delivered my Pelicans to the workshop house literally ten minutes before I arrived! Good grief! That’s just cutting things a little too close.

I have to say it was a gratifying 2 days; and I’m beyond disappointed that I didn’t get a group photo on either day! We shot a great two-story duplex right on the beach, and had pretty awesome weather – here are a couple of shots we made:

Before leaving Perth, I was served this delicious plate:

Yep. That’s grilled Kangaroo. Those cute little things taste good!


From Perth, I caught a flight to Melbourne (pronounced, “MEL-been”, by the way) where I was twice mocked by the cocktail waitresses who found my Aussie accent somehow less than convincing. I can’t understand it, I’ve been studying and practicing for a while now and I think I’m fair dinkum….those Aussie sheilas just don’t know a good accent when they hear one. No, seriously.

In Melbourne, I shot (and taught in) a pair of outstanding houses by Dennis Family Homes. These models, which were literally next door to each other, were among the best venues I’ve ever taught in. Not too easy to shoot, but not too hard, either, and with plenty of weird little challenging things to overcome. I had a killer group of freelancers to work with, and we made some pretty darned awesome photos – and I got a group shot made each day, too! Check ’em out:

And a few shots from the houses themselves……

All in all, another killer Australian trip. So far I’ve taught in Brissie, Perth, and Melbourne…..Sydney? Sydney? Hello? We need to talk.

Stay tuned…….Next up: Norway!

iPhone Photo of the Day

The Viking Ship Museum, Oslo

Scott Hargis Photo