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Being a PA Can Be Stressful

I should probably pay her more….

Before Take-Off.

After Take-Off.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Màlaga Workshop Date Confirmed – Jan. 13th

Sorry for any confusion, but now the Màlaga workshop date is set in stone – WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 13th.

There are still several open spots, but I’m also hearing a lot of “chatter” from people who are planning to register, so I would move with judicious speed if you’re considering coming.

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UPDATED – Brisbane Workshop Registration is Open


The response to the Brisbane workshop has been tremendous! Wednesday has sold out, Tuesday has only one spot left, and I’ve received permission from the builder to open up a third day, Thursday the 4th. You can register using the links below.


Slight technical delay, but registration is now OPEN for the Brisbane workshop(s). I’ve gotten so many emails that I’ve gone ahead and scheduled 2 days of workshop – February 2nd, and February 3rd. Same thing both days, same place, same stinkin’ guy running things.

Registration for the Màlaga, Spain workshop is open, too, and there are still a few spots left for that one. The Màlaga workshop venue is pretty darned spectacular, so if you’re looking for portfolio material, and want to sink your teeth into something really special – come to Spain!

All workshops are limited to 8 participants each — I’ve tried to have more than that, and it just doesn’t work. I run myself ragged, and no one gets the 1:1 attention that it really takes.

Register for Brisbane

Register for Màlaga

Read all about it

Announcing Interiors Photography Workshops in Spain, Australia

Exciting news today — I’ve finalized arrangements for Interiors Photo Workshops in Màlaga, Spain, and Brisbane, Australia, for January and February of 2010!

There will be more details coming, which will be posted both here and on the main Workshops site, but here’s the bullet:

First up is Spain. That’s the builders’ exterior photo of our teaching venue at the top of this post. This workshop will take place on Monday, January 11th Wednesday, January 13th, 2010, near Màlaga.

details and more photos after the jump

Portfolio Review, Chapter Three – “Down Under” Part Deux

Sorry for the paucity of posts lately – been swamped with projects, including some pretty neat-o stuff that will undoubtedly make its way to this blog once the images are no longer embargoed.

But, in a rare moment when both my energy level and the immediate demands of my never-ending list of tasks made it possible, I did get to record Part Deux of the Down Under series.

Today we are heading down to Adelaide, to the site of residential interiors guy Jonathan.

The usual disclaimers apply:

  1. These are my opinions, nothing more. I don’t censor myself, and try to react to photos as naturally as your (potential) clients might.
  2. I’m not the end-all and be-all of interiors photography —- far from it!! Get some other opinions, there’s plenty of room for debate.
  3. I’m not linking to websites, or naming the photographers in print, to avoid having clients Google these brave souls and finding me giggling over their sites. If you’re going to cross-post, please follow suit.
  4. And finally, if you’d like to see your website featured here, send me a brief email with a link, some background on yourself and your shooting style, and your goals. I’ll add you to the list.

This one came in at almost 45 minutes, but it was a big site. Open a beer, sit back, and enjoy! And hit me up in the comments – there’s no reason why the discussion can’t continue…

Lohrman’s Economic Stimulus Plan

I’ve been assuming that everyone who reads this blog (and I mean both of you) is already tuned in to Larry Lohrman’s “Photography For Real Estate” blog – which is absolutely Grand Central Station for all things related to the field. But it turns out that some of you haven’t yet made the discovery.

Today Larry announced that his twin tomes of teaching, “Photography For Real Estate“, and “The Business of Real Estate Photography” are on sale. If you buy each book separately, it’s still the full cover price ($35 for one, $40 for the other), but if you buy them both, you can have both titles for a measly 44 clams.

I had the opportunity to review “Photography for Real Estate” when it first came out, and I can assure you it’s worth the money for someone who’s starting out in the business. “The Business of…” title is certainly at least as valuable. Larry updates the content pretty often, and since it’s an e-book, when you buy it you are also buying a lifetime subscription to updates. Your book will never be obsolete.

He didn’t mention a termination date for the sale – but I wouldn’t delay. If you don’t have these books, get ’em. And read ’em.

Portfolio Review, Chapter Two: Down Under

Down Under, Part One, actually.

I decided to try doing only one portfolio this time, in an effort to keep the total time down to something more manageable. This one came out at 35 minutes, still a little long but I’m working on it!

This time we travel to Australia’s Sunshine Coast, to review a resort-and-real-estate photographer’s site.  Next up: “Down Under, Part Two” — we’ll be heading over to Adelaide. Stay tuned for that one.

Couple of notes:

  • I’m not linking to websites, and I’m not putting anyone’s name in print, to avoid any accidental Googling by potential clients (protecting the guilty, in other words). If you’re going to cross-post this, please follow suit.
  • Plenty of people could disagree about the comments I make – it’s just my impressions, recorded in real time. I try not to censor myself, but I also try not to be gratuitously scathing, either. At one point in tonight’s chapter, I started laughing — but it was the ROOM, not the photography, that had me going.
  • If you’d like to be featured on this series, send me an email with a link, and a quick note with some background about yourself, your shooting style, and your goals, and I’ll add you to the list.

With no more ado — here’s Chapter Two. Enjoy!

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Scott Hargis Photo

Portfolio Review, Chapter One (In the Beginning)

Well, after several false starts, I finally was able to sit down and record the inaugural portfolio review – Chapter One! In this 1-hour recording, I looked at the portfolios of two real estate photographers.

Please note that I am not linking to their sites, nor am I going to use their full names in print, to avoid any chance that a client could Google them and discover this video. If you’re going to cross-post this, please respect that as well. And please join me in thanking these two hardy pioneers for putting themselves “out there” in a very vulnerable place so that the rest of us can benefit from scrutinizing their work.

As I mention in the video, the opinions I give are MINE – and they’re worth what you paid for them, y’know? No doubt a careful look through my own website could discover some of the very same problems that I’m pointing out today. The idea here is to take a slow, careful look at a couple of portfolios and start thinking about them objectively. I didn’t hold back – when I thought an image sucked, I said so. As I usually do, I also spent a fair amount of time critiquing the really good images, and the almost-really-good images, because those represent the leading edge for that particular photographer.

Chapter Two is scheduled to go up in 10 days or so – and is Titled “Down Under” – we’ll be looking at a couple of Australian photographers.

If you’d like your website to appear here, send me an email with “Portfolio Review” in the subject line, and your url, along with a quick description of your shooting style, your background, and your goals.

Interview on Real Estate Photography Podcast

Mike Miriello asked me to record an audio interview for his blog, Real Estate Photography Podcast a couple weeks ago. It’s up now, and if you can stand the thought of listening to me ramble incoherently for an hour, you can take a listen. Mike also shows three photos of mine and asks me to talk through the creative process on them – that occurs about 30 minutes in.

I would embed the video here, but I’m damned if I can figure out how to do it.

Update: Smart Friend ™ rescued me again!

Updated update: My Girlfriend ™ rescued me again!  (note to self: do not refer to “gf” as “sf”. Doubleplus ungood.)

Thanks, Mike – it was fun!

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Make A List, Check It Twice

Shot ListYou show up for an Interiors gig. You have a limited amount of time, and you’ve contracted to create a fixed number of shots. You walk in, and Whoa! Way cool place. Wasn’t expecting it to be so….big. And Snazzy.

You start your walk-through. “Living Room, nice, I’ll have to grab a shot with the window….but then I can’t get the fireplace, so that’ll be another shot. Oh, and then a third one to show the connection to the dining room.”

You walk into the dining room. “Cool, elevated Dining Area, I’ll get an angle that shows the steps. Plus, it’ll be a cinch to light it, I can use that high ceiling. Maybe I’ll grab a detail shot, too.”

Moving on — “Kitchen, check. Oh, right ON, you can see the pool through the window, maybe a shot across the center island that shows the window clearly. My client will wet her pants!”

Sweet! Nice staircase! I’ll do that, plus maybe some detail shots of the woodwork…nice banister, I could do some nifty depth-of-field stuff with that.”photo2

Upstairs: “Bedroom, bedroom, bedroom, (yawn) bathroom. Yep. Easy. Better remember to get a detail of the tile, I’m sure those were custom-made.”

Downstairs: “Oh crap, forgot the family room. Coupla shots here, too. Ok.”

Outside: “Nice. I’ll get the gazebo with the pool in the background. Oh, and then if I get low and put the hot tub in the foreground, I can show the chaise lounge and the rear elevation of the house, plus the redwood tree. But what about the whole outdoor kitchen thing over there? Ok, I’ll shoot that separately. Oh, and of course, a front elevation, too.”

All right, Class —  quick — how many shots was that? Don’t look — how many? What were the angles in the Living Room? Can you remember?

Yeah, I can’t either. read more after the jump