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Chasing Jarvis

Chasing JarvisAccording to the way my buddy Russell Byrne tells it, he was sitting in the audience at one of Chase Jarvis’ speaking engagements – I think it was a PhotoShelter “Town Hall” meeting. Chase was exhorting the crowd of aspiring photographers to simply “walk a mile in my shoes, and you’ll get to where I am,” in his inimitable fashion. Russ, being the smart-aleck that he is, raised his hand.

“Chase,” he said, “I could walk that mile a lot better if I had your shoes.”

Fast-forward a few weeks, and Russell comes home one day to find a package on his doorstep: full story after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day


Scott Hargis Photo
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Interiors Photo Workshops Recap – 2009

Photo by John Becker

The spectacular photo above was made by John Becker at the Raleigh session of the Interiors Photo Workshops. He was still weeping after shooting the #@$$%!  kitchen shot in that house – but obviously he emerged strong enough to pull off a photo like this!

Last Saturday was the final Interiors Photo Workshop of the year, in balmy Houston. In a way, it couldn’t have worked out better: we started the year with the Chicago workshop (January 4th), where the high temperature was 4 degrees f, and the low about 5 degrees below zero. Houston was a suitable bookend: we hit about 95 degrees on Saturday. But, it was a wet heat.

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Timelapse Living Room Shoot

Thanks to Mia ( who tagged along on a shoot a few weeks ago and made a timelapse of me doing an interiors shoot. She put it together and sent it to me (check it out here – click “Personal Projects”). We liked it so much that we shot another one. This is an in-front-of-the-scenes look at an interiors shoot.

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iPhone Photo of the Day


Environmental Portrait

The ability to light a room properly is a great skill to have when it comes to doing environmental portraits. When a real estate client of mine asked me to shoot a few portraits of her, I suggested we do it in her most recent listing, which I had shot only a few days earlier.

I’ve shot many portraits of Regina over the last couple of years, and she’s hands-down my favorite person to shoot — she looks great no matter what I do! In this case, I knew that if I could light the surrounding room well, I could make a really striking portrait, so I jumped at the chance.

Hargis_090126_9416 full setup after the jump



Here’s a shot I’ve seen plenty of times before, but I had never had the chance to do it myself. So when it came up as a component in a campaign I shot for a long-time client, I figured this was my chance.

I knew that in theory, it was a pretty simple thing, and in practice it turned out to be even easier than I thought. see the individual components and a breakdown of the process after the jump

iPhone Photo of the Day


Up On the Roof


Real Estate marketing tends to be, well, conservative. To put it mildly. In fact, when I look at the marketing collateral (in which my images are often featured prominently), they tend to look as if they were designed in the mid-80’s.

So I was stoked when one of my long-term clients, Michael Thompson, asked me to shoot a series of photos for his new self-promotional brochure. Michael wanted to avoid all the clichés that dominate his industry. He also wanted a very photo-centric brochure, with a minimum of text. Finally, he wanted the images to be evocative, even startling, and he didn’t necessarily want to be featured prominently in any of them.

Very, very cool. (rubs hands together) read more after the jump