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Wow ‘Em

IMG_0279How many times have you heard it? You under-promise, and over-deliver. As a freelancer, under-promising is kind of hard to do; you have to let a potential client know that you’re going to put everything you have into the job. But there’s no reason not to over-deliver.  Magazine editors will love you when you toss in some extra comps, different setups, whatever you can produce. It gives them flexibility for when plans and layouts change. It’s not that you’re promising anything specific in advance; you just agree to do the job as it was described. But while you’re on-site, look for anything else you can do, anything different that catches your eye.

Case in point: I was recently called to shoot a headshot of the CEO of a healthcare company. keep reading after the jump

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Lighting a Staircase

If you follow my work, you’ll know that I have a staircase fetish. I just can’t stay away from them. To me, a good staircase is the richest subject around. They’re great metaphors, they’re visually stimulating, 3917_Greenwood_STAIRS_detailthey lend themselves well to vertical shots, and they’re technically challenging to light.

But I guess it’s the symbolism that works for me best. Stairs take you places. You can go up, you can go down….there’s all this mystery about the upper level, or the lower level, depending on where you are when you shoot them.

So anyway, I shoot them at every opportunity. And today I thought I’d walk through the process of finding a composition, and then lighting it. keep reading after the jump

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Packing Light

SB80_StockUPDATE: Link to SB-80 User Guide added!

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: what’s the best speedlight for shooting interiors? get the answer after the Jump

Waiting to Inhale


The man was amazing.
We were standing in water up to our necks. I’d say something like “One, two, three” and we’d both go underwater, me lying flat on the bottom of the pool, him in a classic track-and-field starter’s crouch, and I’d make 2 or three frames, then stand up again to take a breath. I was wearing a weight belt to keep me down; he was just standing in the starting blocks. Full shoot breakdown after the jump

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Scott Hargis Photo
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iPhone Photo of the Day


The All iPhone, Off-Camera Lighting Headshot


WARNING: Take a table of photographers, way too many iPhones, a few pints of beer, and you could end up with this.

Last night I met with photographers Aaron Leitz, John Galfano, Dan Achatz, Russell Byrne, and Malia Campbell for a few drinks at The Elysian, in Seattle. After spending a few minutes lamenting the new iPhone (which few of us could afford), we tested the limits of the ones we had: See the results of our drunken experimenting after the jump

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Marketing to Real Estate Agents — The Top Tier

Hargis_080812_8823A while ago we discussed some techniques for building a client base out of nothing, when you’re just starting out as a Real Estate photographer (Stone Soup). Today, I’m going to assume that you’ve successfully gained a few regular clients, and have a few shoots under your belt. You’re starting to get the hang of things, your photography is getting better, and you’re beginning to eye some better gigs. How do you get the attention of the agents who have those $5,000,000 listings? The ones with the giant living rooms, eternity pools, 5-acre kitchens, and whatnot.

Find out how after the jump

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